The EAGLE graduate program (M.Sc.)

“applied EArth Observation and Geoanalysis of the Living Environment”

University of Würzburg

application deadline: May 15th 2017


The M.Sc. program on applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis of the Living Environment (EAGLE) offers a wide range of courses aiming to improve the application of remote sensing in various disciplines such as ecology, conservation, agriculture, forestry or water management. EAGLE is an international English language M.Sc. program offered at the University of Würzburg, Germany.

It is focusing on Applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis for the environment. The goal of EAGLE is to strengthen the practical use of applied Earth Observation in research, planning, and decision making, and to unlock the full potential of remote sensing data analyses in your desired field of application

More details can be found here: as well as the field of specialization: and a list of courses:

the application deadline is May 15th, see the guidelines and FAQs here:

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