Dear colleagues and friends,

We kindly wish to remind you that Early bird registration  for the 107th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society ends this Wednesday, July 16th 2014!

Take advantage and register for the Annual Meeting and any of the associated Satellite Symposia in time. 
to register directly or visit

Also we are pleased to announce that the preliminary program for this year's meeting is now online. Please visit

Do not miss any of the special events at this year´s DZG meeting!

- Speed dating with DFG representatives
- Guided tour to the German Primate Center 
- Workshop on “How to establish functional genetics in Zoology”

- Peter-Ax-Lecture 

- Award Ceremony: Karl-Ritter-von-Frisch Medaille / Rathmayerpreis 

& accommodation in Göttingen we have provided several information and important news on the conference homepage

Please note that due to parallel events and conferences to the 107th Annual Meeting in Göttingen, hotel rooms are very limited. We therefore encourage you to book your hotel reservations as soon as possible! A limited number of rooms could be reserved.

You can find all reserved hotels and rates here -> Some contingents already end this week! - thereafter hotel rooms have to be inquired individually.

Please contact us if you have any questions and  we look forward welcoming you to the conference!

Please help us and pass this email to your students and colleagues which might be interested to join this year's DZG meeting - thank you very much!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in September in Göttingen!

DZG 2014 Local Organizing Committee

Head of organization:

Sven Bradler

Gregor Bucher

Martin Göpfert

Morphology, Systematics, Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Developmental Genetics

Cellular Neurobiology

Organization team:

André Fiala

Ralf Heinrich

Peter Kappeler

Molecular Neurobiology of Behaviour

Cellular Neurobiology

Sociobiology, Anthropology

Nikola Prpic-Schäper

Stefan Scheu

Ernst Wimmer

Devolopemental Biology

Animal Ecology

Developmental Biology



& Conference Office

Stefanie Abelmann

Projektkoordination Kongresse | Congress Project Manager

event lab. GmbH

Dufourstr. 15

D-04107 Leipzig

Telefon:   +49 341 24 05 96 - 62

Telefax:   +49 341 24 05 96 - 51



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