"Zoologische Gesellschaften" international


Royal Dutch Zoological Society (KNDV)
The Royal Dutch Zoological Society was founded in 1872. As stated in the Aims, the society aims to 'promote zoological research in the widest sense'. To this end, the society has four main activities: The annual Dutch Zoology Prize (since 1991). The Benelux Congress of Zoology (BCZ) which is held annually, alternatingly in The Netherlands and Belgium, organised by the KNDV or our Belgian counterpart, the Royal Belgian Zoological Society. Since 2001 the Distinguished Zoologist Lecture is delivered during the meeting in the Netherlands. The journal Animal Biology (previously Netherlands Journal of Zoology). An international scientific journal catering for all aspects of modern zoology. The organisation of symposia.


Italian Zoological Union (UZI)
"The Italian Zoological Union (UZI) was founded on April 22, 1900 and is one of the oldest Italian scientific societies. Its aims are to promote studies in the various zoological disciplines, and in particular those relating to the Italian wildlife, to facilitate exchanges among zoologists and to defend zoology in research and teaching. Currently, the UZI has about 700 members, including scientists from universities and other institutions, teachers, students and enthusiasts. In 1930 it began publishing its official journal, the Bulletin of Zoology, which in 1996 changed its name in Italian Journal of Zoology. Since 1987, UZI began publication of two series of volumes under the name of UZI Collection: one of these, named 'Problems of Biology and Natural History', has already reached the second issue and the other, 'Selected Symposia and Monographs ', the eighth. UZI publication also includes 'Volumes of Italian Fauna', in cooperation with the Italian Entomological Society and the 'Check List of Italian Fauna', in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment."


Schweizerische Zoologische Gesellschaft (SZG)
"Die Schweizerische Zoologische Gesellschaft, SZG, wurde in den letzten Jahren des 19ten Jahrhunderts im Zusammenhang mit der Revue Suisse de Zoologie gegründet. Ihr Ziel ist die Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung im gesamten Bereich der Zoologie, ihrer Veröffentlichung und des Gedankenaustausches insbesondere mit jungen Wissenschaftlern und Wissenschaftlerinnen. Die SZG steht allen an der Zoologie interessierten Personen offen und ist Mitglied der Dachorganisation Schweizerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (SCNAT). Anlässlich der Jahresversammlung führt die Gesellschaft jeden Winter (Februar), neuerdings gemeinsam mit den Schweizerischen Botanischen & Systematischen Gesellschaften, eine jährliche Fachtagung mit jeweils unterschiedlichen thematischen Schwerpunkten durch. Durchgängig ist das Interesse an den Fachgebieten Oekologie, Verhalten & Evolution".


International Zoological Society (ISZS)
The International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit membership-based organization of professionals established in 2004 and aims to promote zoology by improving communication between zoologists and zoological organizations; increase the availability of resources needed to conduct zoological research; and promote coordination, collaboration and cooperation between different fields of zoology. By representing a broad cross-section of zoologists and others interested in animals, the ISZS provides a unified voice for zoologists across the world while elevating zoology to the global stage. Our core business is the organization of the International Congress of Zoology every four years, publishing a multidisciplinary scientific journal Integrative Zoology, organizing International Symposia of Integrative Zoology in non-Congress years, and facilitating international research programs.

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