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Humboldt University Berlin, Systematic Zoology Division

Master projects- Biodiversity and land use

Application deadline: 30.05.2017
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The Systematic Zoology Division offers financially supported MSc projects under the umbrella of

„Biodiversity and land use – a comparative approach to different regions and ecological conditions “

The overall project focuses on the effects of different forms of land use on biodiversity by applying a comparative approach to different geographical regions and ecological conditions.The objective is to differentiate between region- or site-specific response-patterns on the one hand and common mechanisms and universally applicable rules on the other hand. Please find more information here:

Our project offersfinancial support for several MSc projects associated with the comparative approach. Special focus is on:

1) Small mammals as bioindicators for sustainable land use practices
2) Human-wildlife conflicts in central Europe and southern Africa


1) Students will assess the effects of different land use practices on small mammal communities of temperate European and southern African ecosystems by incorporating a variety of field-based methods (e.g. capture-mark-recapture of small terrestrial mammals, owl pellet analysis, sampling of epigeic arthropods). The goal is to detect and compare measurable changes of small mammal response patterns (e.g. species diversity, species composition and abundance) towards changing environmental conditions within ecosystems and among different regions.

2) Students will analyze and comparehuman-wildlife interactions and mitigation measures as part of different case studies in temperate Europe and southern Africa.


  • Completed university studies (Bachelor of Science) in appropriate and topic-related study programs (biology, geography, agricultural sciences and related fields), at least a good qualification grade
  • Relevant experiences in field-based ecological research
  • Knowledge on the taxonomy and systematics of focal taxa
  • Experiencein field work is desired
  • Willingness to undertake research visits of several months to southern African countries
  • Organizational skills and the willingness to work aspart of a team
  • Driving license (class B) is absolutely necessary

Please send your complete application documents before May 31, 2017 to:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeller
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften
FG Spezielle Zoologie
Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin

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