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Universität Würzburg, Neurobiology and Genetics

PhD Student Position in Chronobiology/Neurogenetics

Application deadline: not specified
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We offer a PhD position (3 years) to work on a project aimed at understanding seasonal adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster.

Starting date: January 2018 (or earlier).

Job description: The selected candidate will investigate the link between the circadian clock and the physiological processes that it modulates, especially those that are affected by day length. We will use behavioral, molecular, and histological approaches to understand whether 1) the master clock in the brain of the fly is necessary for proper responses to day length, 2) what is the effect of changing day length on the clock neurons at a cellular level, and 3) how clock mutants are impaired in their ability to interpret day length information.

Requirements: The candidate is highly motivated and holds a master degree in Biology or related fields. He /She has a good command of written/spoken English. We also value, but do not consider essential, prior experience in Drosophila research, molecular biology, and/or bioinformatics.

To apply send cover letter and CV (including contact details of two referees) via email to Dr. Pamela  Menegazzi (

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