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University of Konstanz

Postdoc position in Evolutionary Bioinformatics - Genomic basis of aggression

Application deadline: 21.08.2017
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Two year Postdoctoral Position in Evolutionary Genomics on:

Genomic basis of aggression

A two year postdoctoral position working with Axel Meyer in the Evolutionary Biology Group at the University of Konstanz in Germany is available immediately. Funding will be provided through a grant of the Hector Fellow Academy (

This project focuses on the genomics of aggression.  We'll be using a fish model (Siamese fighting fish) to combine empirical behavioral approaches (including behavioral tests, breeding and QTL analyses) and comparative genomic analyses to study the genetics and genomics of aggression. The research will use whole genome data and require knowledge in molecular evolution and bioinformatics. The funding period is two years and salary will be determined based on the German salary scheme TV-L E13 (annual before-tax salary is about 68,000 Euros, depending on experience).

The Evolutionary Biology group in Konstanz is composed of ~25 postdoc and graduate students. The collaborative research environment in the lab is highly integrative, very international, and operates in English. Therefore, the ability to speak German would be a plus, but is not essential. Further information on researchers and research in evolutionary biology in the Meyer lab can be obtained here:

Konstanz is a very beautiful town and a pleasant place to live as it borders the third largest lake in Central Europe and lies at the foothills of the Alps. The University of Konstanz is rated as one of the best universities in Germany.

Requirements: PhD in biology and/or bioinformatics. Skills we would like you to have: understanding of behavioral biology, knowledge of wet-bench molecular techniques would be a plus, proven familiarity with high-throughput sequencing analyses, facility with one or more programming languages (such as Python, Perl, or R), and at least three peer-reviewed publications. Applications should be sent to Axel Meyer ( and include (1) a cover letter explaining your background and motivation, (2) a CV, and (3) email addresses of two references.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

The deadline for applications is the 21st of August.

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