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University of Kassel, Biology, Animal Physiology / Neurophysiology (in collaboration with the MPI Chemical Ecology in Jena)

PhD - Insect chemical senses

Application deadline: 31.12. 2017
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PhD position (EG 13 TV-H, 50%) for 3 +2 years in insect chemical senses

Insect odor transduction is a challenging topic in sensory physiology. In a comparison between the hawkmoth Manducasexta and the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster we want to examine the roles of Orco, the conserved olfactory receptor coreceptor in insect chemosensory transduction. Electrophysiological / physiological experiments are performed, such as extracellular-recordings of single olfactory sensillain vivo, patch clamp recordings, calcium imaging, and FRET-experiments with insect olfactory receptor neurons in vivo and in vitrowith primary cell cultures. While all experiments with the hawkmoth are performed at the University of Kassel (Prof. Dr. Monika Stengl), most experiments with the fruitfly take place at the MPI of Chemical Ecology in Jena (PD Dr. Dieter Wicher).

Further information about our groups are found at our homepages:

The position is for 3 years with the possibility to extend for another 2 years

Teaching duties are 2 SWS, in general and advanced courses of Animal Physiology / Neurobiology at the University of Kassel.

Requirements are

  • a University degree (Diploma, Master) in a relevant subject
  • experience in at least one of the following: sensory physiology, insect neurobiology, electrophysiological techniques, calcium imaging
  • to be fluent in written and spoken English
  • expertise in statistics
  • fine-tuned motor control for micro-surgery in insect nervous systems
  • to be highly motivated for scientific work
  • to be highly interested in the scientific question
  • to be willing and able to work in both of our research teams in Kassel and Jena

Women and men have equal career opportunities and applications of disabled persons that are suited for the job are desired.

Job announcement can be found in the internet:

Applications should include:

  • a cover letter including a statement about your motivation to apply and your requirements for the position
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of your University degree (Diplom, Master)

Please send your application in one pdf-file to

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