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Fachgruppe Morphologie

Young Researcher Meeting Morphology

The YRMM is the graduate meeting of the ‘Fachgruppe Morphologie’ of the German Zoological Society, and brings together young (and young at heart) researchers. The meeting takes places annually in the last week of February and besides the autumn-meeting of the German Zoological Society is our platform to present current projects, facilitate scientific discussions and connect people. Thus, we aim to cover a huge variety of investigated taxa, methods, and approaches to allow a comprehensive overview in terms of current research fields in morphology-related science.

These meetings are specifically organized for young (and young at heart) academics and it could well be that you are giving your first scientific talk here. Don’t panic! This is exactly what you are looking for – an open and friendly atmosphere, good tips and your peers who are in the same situation. Slots for oral presentations are 10 + 5 min. Please keep in time :o)



More information to specific meetings (program, awards, images):

6th Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2025 – planned at University of Kiel
5th Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2024 – Technical University Darmstadt
4th Young Researcher  Meeting Morphology 2023 – University of Göttingen
3rd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2022 – online meeting
2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2021 – online meeting
1st Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2020 – University of Vienna

11. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2018 – University of Munich
10. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2017 – MPI for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart
9. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2016 – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
8. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2015 – University of Jena
7. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2014 – University of Hamburg
6. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2013 – University of Ulm
5. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2012 – University of Tübingen
4. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2011 – University of Munich
3. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2010 – University of Vienna
2. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2009 – University of Greifswald
1. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2008 – University of Jena