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Section Groups

Within the German Zoological Society (DZG), associated sub-disciplines – developmental biology, evolutionary biology, morphology, neurobiology, ecology, physiology, systematics, biogeography & diversity, and behavioral biology – are organized into scientifically active section groups.

The subject groups have the task of identifying and presenting special talents from their own members. At the annual meetings, the sections therefore each invite two speakers from their discipline to their symposia who are usually seeking an academic position in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or have just been appointed there.

In the section groups, interested parties from all phases of the academic career (professors, postdocs, scientists with and without doctorates, and students) exchange views on current issues in their respective fields. In order to deepen focal topics and to promote young academics, the subject groups organize meetings for scientists and graduated students. There, interested group members get the opportunity to learn about the latest scientific techniques in their field of interest. The meetings are financially supported by the German Zoological Society.

Learn more about the activities of the individual section groups on their individual websites. If you are interested in becoming a member of one or even more groups, please contact the responsible group speakers:

Speaker of the eight DZG section groups

Background information on the founding and history of the specialist groups can be found here…