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Section Developmental Biology

Satellite Meeting “SpiderFest – #Genomes #Genes #Forms #Functions”

September 4, 2023 in Kassel

As part of the 115th DZG Meeting in Kassel we teamed up with the sections “Evolutionary Biology” and “Ecology” to organize a satellite meeting to highlight various aspects of spider biology.

Invited speakers are:

Gabriele Uhl, University of Greifswald (GER)

Jonas Wolff, University of Greifswald (GER)

Daniela Rößler, University of Konstanz (GER)

Daniel Leite, Durham University (UK)

You can register for the SpiderFest through the main DZG Meeting website.

Supported by:

Workshop 2023 “Development, Function and Evolution of Invertebrate Eyes”

March 20-21, 2023 in Goettingen

You can access the program and abstracts here.

Graduate Meeting 2022 “Mind the gap: From Genotype to Phenotype and the role of Modelling, Genomic Prediction and Development”

March 2-4, 2022 via Zoom

Please see the final program and abstracts here. A static website with a detailed documentation of the meeting and the major outcome of the general discussions can be accessed here.

Graduate Meeting 2019 “Evo-Devo in Germany: Status quo and future directions”

March 4 – 6, 2019 at Akademie Waldschlösschen, Göttingen

Organizers: Natascha Turezek, Nico Posnien

The program/abstract book can be downloaded here.

Workshop 2019 “CRISPR/Cas9 – Applications in Zoology”

September 11, 2018 in Kiel

Organizers: Gregor Bucher, Nico Posnien, Susanne Önel

Invited experts
Lennart Randau (Marburg, Germany)
Wiebke Herzog (Münster, Germany)
Sebastian Fraune (Kiel, Germany)
Max Farnworth (Göttingen, Germany)
Patricio Ferrer Murguia (Vienna, Austria)



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