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The DZG aimes to promote zoological sciences in their full breadth and interdisciplinarity. Of particular interest is the description of the diversity of the animal world, the understanding of the evolution of diversity and the study of different biological processes in all animal groups and in a variety of model systems. To this end, it offers its approximately 1,600 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a joint forum and promotes interdisciplinary scientific exchange in conferences and further education.

Our society exists since 1890 and is thus one of the most traditional scientific societies in Germany. It strives to support basic research and teaching at the highest level, regardless of political or economic trends, and to preserve zoological knowledge. The DZG serves exclusively and directly for charitable purposes. More information about the structure and board of the society can be found here


Section Groups

Zoology is an integrative and multidisciplinary science. Therefore, subdisciplines are organized as section groups within the DZG (Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Morphology, Neurobiology, Ecology, Physiology, Behavioral Biology and Systematics, Biogeography & Diversity). They represent the scientific expertise of the DZG, advise the board and organize conferences and further education for the next generation of scientists. More info


Conferences and Events

The annual conferences of the DZG are the central events for scientific exchange between members and participants from all over the world. Together, hosts from changing universities, the DZG board and the DZG section groups organize these international conferences. There we meet for the advisory board meeting and general meeting.

For focused scientific discussions and the promotion of young scientists, the specialist groups also organize symposia, graduate meetings and workshops in which specialist knowledge is acquired and deepened. These events are financially supported by the DZG. More info



The DZG awards prizes to outstanding established scientists in the field of zoology as well as to junior scientists at various stages of their careers. The awards will be presented during the annual conference. More info





Since 1891 the DZG offers a platform for scientific publications. Since 2004, the online magazine “Frontiers in Zoology” (BMC-Verlag) is the official journal of the DZG and is edited by members. It is one of the world’s leading zoology journals. In addition, the publication “Zoology – Communications of the German Zoological Society” (formerly Urban & Fischer, now the Basilisk Press) is published annually with news from the DZG. More info



The German Zoological Society is a member of the German Life Sciences Association “VBiO”. More info


116th DZG Annual Meeting
September 09-13, 2024
University of Hohenheim

Frontiers in Zoology

official journal of the
German Zoological Society

One of the leading journals in Zoology