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Section Morphology

Morphology Workshop 2023 in Vienna – Approaches, Ideas and Solutions in Imaging

  • Registration deadline: 28.02.2023
  • organized by Thomas Schwaha (University of Vienna), Stephan Handschuh (Vetmeduni Vienna) & Andy Sombke (Medical University of Vienna)
  • two-fold instruction approach – online workshop March 31 and on-site workshop May 24.-26.
  • hands-on experience on desktop imaging solutions

>> See more information here

Vienna – Hofburg. Copyright: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Bwag

Oral presentation awards at the 4th Young Researcher Meeting Morphology
University of Göttingen, 23.-25.02.2023, sponsored by Springer


1. place: Iulia Barutia (Vienna) Running out of legs: the morphology behind anamorphic appendage development and regeneration in the house centipede.

2. place: Anika Preuss (Kiel) Marine mammal parasites: surface adaptations of seal lice to underwater attachment.

3. place: Alessio Capobianco (Munich) Fossils reveal a marine origin for the freshwater arapaimas and arowanas (Teleostei: Osteoglossidae).

115. DZG Meeting University of Kassel – 04.-08.09.2023

  • regular morphology symposia at the main meeting
  • invited speaker in the Morphology sessions:
    • María Herranz (University of Copenhagen)

>> https://dzg-meeting.de/en/welcome/





2nd Morphology Online Night – December 2023

  • stay tuned for updates
  • the Zoom link will be sent via our mailing list (please click on the link)
  • after the talks we will join in Gathertown for discussions and fun

5th Young Researcher Meeting Morphology – TU Darmstadt February 2024

116. DZG Meeting Stuttgart/Hohenheim – 09.-13.09.2024

  • regular morphology symposia at the main meeting
  • we will have a Satellite symposium (Monday and Tuesday prior to the main meeting)
  • if you have suggestions for invited speakers, please contact the section speakers