Symposium on hybrids at the University of Hamburg

Aktuelles: 04.03.2019


Symposium on hybridization


June 12-14, 2019  at the Institute of Plant Science and Microbiology of the University of Hamburg
Deadline for registration: April 30, 2019

Key note speakers
Rosemary Grant Princeton University, USA
Jim Mallet Harvard University, USA
Invited speakers
Richard Abbott University of St. Andrews, UK
Nick Barton Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
Kirsten Bomblies John Innes Centre, UK
Eunyoung Chae Singapore University, Singapore
Jeffrey Chen University of Texas in Austin, USA
Luca Comai UC Davis, USA
Susanne Dobler University of Hamburg, Germany
Zachariah Gompert Utah State University, USA
Paul Grini University of Oslo, Norway
Gerald Heckel University of Bern, Switzerland
Simon Martin Cambridge University, UK
Arne Nolte University of Oldenburg, Germany
Arp Schnittger University of Hamburg, Germany
Diethard Tautz MPI Plön, Germany
Mario Vallejo-Marin University of Stirling, UK
Kenneth Whitney University of New Mexico, USA

The registration fee is 150,00 Euro/ 75,00 Euro (reduced fee for students)

In order to register for the Hybrid Symposium, please visit the website:


The poster of the Hybrid-Symposium can be downloaded here


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