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Fachgruppe Morphologie

Morphology Meeting

The Morphology Meeting brings together morphologists primarily from German-speaking countries. This annual event is organized by alternating hosts and co-organized by the ‚Section Morphology‘ of the German Zoological Society. Scheduled in the last week of February, it serves as a significant platform for presenting ongoing projects, fostering scientific discussions, and building connections. In conjunction with the conference of the German Zoological Society in September, this meeting plays a pivotal role in covering a diverse range of people, taxa, methodologies, and approaches, providing a comprehensive overview of current research trends in morphology-related science.

A key emphasis of the meeting is on supporting early-career researchers, offering a welcoming environment for those that might give their first scientific talk. Don’t panic! The meeting is characterized by an open and friendly atmosphere, providing valuable tips and opportunities for engaging discussions with both young and young at heart scientists.

Deadlines and time slots:
Abstract deadline usually is mid of January.
Slots for oral presentations including discussion are 15 min. Please keep in time :o)
Posters should be prepared in DIN A0 in portrait format.
The conference language is English.

Fees and awards:
The Morphology Meeting is financed by the German Zoological Society and varying sponsors – there are no conference fees for participants.
Springer sponsors three book vouchers that are awarded for outstanding talks or posters.

How to write an abstract?

The abstract is required to contain a title, presenter names with their respective affiliations, and the presenter’s contact address. It must be written in English and should not exceed 500 words in length.

under construction

History and detailled information:

Morphology Meeting 2026 – still a secret :o)
Morphology Meeting 2025 – University of Kiel

5th Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2024 – Technical University Darmstadt
4th Young Researcher  Meeting Morphology 2023 – University of Göttingen
3rd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2022 – online meeting
2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2021 – online meeting
1st Young Researcher Meeting Morphology 2020 – University of Vienna
11. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2018 – University of Munich
10. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2017 – MPI for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart
09. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2016 – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
08. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2015 – University of Jena
07. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2014 – University of Hamburg
06. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2013 – University of Ulm
05. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2012 – University of Tübingen
04. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2011 – University of Munich
03. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2010 – University of Vienna
02. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2009 – University of Greifswald
01. Graduiertentreffen Morphologie 2008 – University of Jena