1st Young Researcher Meeting Morphology – 27.-29.02.2020
University of Vienna

Organizer: Thomas Schwaha & Andy Sombke (University of Vienna)

Thursday, 27.02.2020 & Friday, 28.02.2020

18:00 Günther Pass (Vienna) – Evolutionäre Innovationen: Die Flügel der Insekten und ihre Herzen

09:00 Welcome
09:15 Nicole Grunstra (Klosterneuburg) – Evolutionary, functional, and theoretical morphology of mammals: from primate skulls to bat pelvises

10:30 Julian Müller (Bonn) Why bury your head in the sand? The functional morphology of Sternaspis scutata (Sternaspidae)
10:50 Stephan Schulreich (Vienna) Mesoderm and muscle formation in the quagga mussel, Dreissena rostriformis
11:10 Maximilian Franke (Bremen) Symbiont colonization and early development of bathymodiolin mussels
11:30 Tim Dannenfeld (Bonn) Leg anatomy and muscle systems in millipedes investigated utilizing synchrotrone micro-CT (Myriapoda, Diplopoda)
11:50 Valentin Blüml (Vienna) Feeding kinematics and skull morphology of the keeled box turtle, Cuora mouhotii (Gray, 1862)

13:30 Christina Kaurin (Vienna) The morphology of the feeding apparatus in Aphanius mento
13:50 Fabian Seitz (Jena) Morphological adaptations of the Phyllotreta armoraciae foregut to the sequestration of glucosinolates
14:10 Sebastian Decker (Vienna) Life cycle and morphology of an undescribed bryozoan species from the Mediterranean sea
14:30 Sabrina Kuhl (Bonn) Uncovering the hidden dynamics in the development of ciliary bands in Platynereis dumerilii and Thalassema thalassema (Polychaeta)
14:50 Alice Laciny (Klosterneuburg) – Investigating parasite-induced morphologies in ants – common problems and possible solutions

Saturday, 09.02.2020

9:15 Daniel Baum (Berlin) Image and shape analysis of biological structures

10:30 Julia van Beesel (Leipzig) Modelling muscoskeletal systems to investigate arm-raising adaptations in hominoids
10:50 Jakob Prömer (Vienna) The nervous system of cheilostome bryozoans
11:10 Paul Kalke (Göttingen) Morphology and innervation of head appendages in Terebellomorpha
11:30 Philipp Pröts (Vienna) The pharynx of Stilbonematinae (Nematoda, Desmodoridae): Adaptation to a symbiotic life-style?
11:50 Patrick Jambura (Vienna) Hidden diversity – on the plethora of tooth mineralization patterns in modern sharks

13:30 Stephan Handschuh (Vienna) Microscopic X-ray imaging of biological specimens using lab-based setups: recent developments, potentials and current limitations
13:50 Michael Heethoff (Darmstadt) Structure from motion with insects – a novel approach for 3D-modelling and its potential applications for functional and comparative morphology
14:10 Sebastian Schmelzle (Darmstadt) Post processing of 3D models – editing, visualization and analysis


Antonio Macelino do Carmo-Neto (Sao Paulo) Advances on the morphological characterization of antennal and palpal sensilla of wood midges (Diptera; Cecidomyiidae; Lestremiinae).

Michael Csader (Tübringen) Structural and functional aspects of the ovipositor of the braconid wasp Habrobracon hebetor.

Benjamin Egss (Tübingen) How Lariophagus distinguendus (Pteromalidae) bends its terebra.

Kenneth Kuba (Vienna) How to wasps drink? Form and function of the mouthparts and organs of the oral cavity from Vespinae and Polistinae (Vespidae, Hymenoptera).

Lumila Paula Menéndez (Klosterneuburg) Virtual cranial reconstruction and evolutionary rates: 10,000 years of morphological evolution in human populations from the Andes.

Erich Spiessberger (Tübingen) Morphology of predatory mouthparts in Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) – preliminary results.

Dominique Zimmermann (Vienna) A nursery of silk – morphological adaptations in the mouthparts of females of the pollen wasp genus Quartinia.