2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology – 24.-26.02.2021
online meeting

Organizer: Conrad Helm (Göttingen), Ellen Schulz-Kornas (Leipzig) & Andy Sombke (Vienna)

Wednesday, 24.02.2021
13:00 Conrad Helm, Ellen Schulz-Kornas, Andy Sombke – The 2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology
13:15 Joachim T. Haug (Munich) – Morphology as a basis for recognising the decline of biodiversity in deep time – examples from lacewings.

14:30 Marina Moser (Stuttgart) – Ancient amber meets modern methods: Using micro-CT scanning to describe new species of Spalangiopelta from Baltic amber.
14:45 Marius Neugebauer (Aachen) – Structural and functional morphology of the spinning apparatus of cribellate spiders with special focus on their capture thread production.
15:00 Marco Niekampf (Göttingen) – The prothoracic defensive glands of stick and leaf insects.
15:15 Adrian Richter (Jena) – Morphology and closing mechanism of the mandibular gland orifice in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).

Thursday, 25.02.2021

09:30 Alexander Köhnsen (Kiel) – Compensatory suction feeding in dragonfly larvae? Evidence from computational fluid dynamics simulations.
09:45 CC Sheeja (Kerala) – Morphological variation in the larval malpighian tubules impetus social adaptations in ants.
10:00 Jessica Awad (Stuttgart) – Giant heads suggest ecological convergence in platygastrine parasitoid wasps.
10:15 Sebastian Decker (Vienna) – Morphology and systematics of the boring bryozoan family Penetrantiidae.

10:55 David Salamanca (Vienna) – Comprehensive single-cell atlas of a bivalve larva and developental decisions of molluscan cell lineages.
11:05 Petr Kuznetsov (Moskow) – New unusual features of proboscis in females of Bonellia viridis (Annelida: Bonelliidae).
11:20 Kenneth Kuba (Vienna) – Liquid uptake in Vespinae (Vespidae, Hymenoptera) – The morphology and function of mouthparts, hypopharynx and pharynx.
11:35 Jenny Michel (Stuttgart) – Comparative morphology of the venom delivery system of selected atractaspid, elapid and viperid snakes using micro-CT based 3D modulation.
11:50 Julian Bibermair (Vienna) – The morphology of lophopodid Phylactolaemata: Implications for the neuromuscular groundpattern.
13:15 Marco Meyer (Aachen) – Fingerprint-like nanostructure on a spider’s hind leg prevents sticking to nanofibers.
13:30 Margret Eckhard (Vienna) – An uncommon defense mechanism – A characterization of the glue of four different centipede species.
13:45 Feodor Plandin (Moskow) – The first 3D reconstruction of the coelomic system in Novocrania anomala (Brachiopoda, Craniiformea).
14:00 Angelly Vasquez (Montreal) – Transitions in allometry reveal the evolution of worker caste polymorphism in farming fungus ants.

14:40 Sophie Greistorfer (Vienna) – The gland system of Latia neritoides (Gastropoda) in regard of its unique defence mechanism.
14:55 Kai Caspar (Essen) – Long live the king? Skull morphology and intersexual conflict in the eusocial Ansell’s mole-rat.
15:10 Maria Isaeva (Moskow) – Lophophore innervation in Flustrina hispida (Bryozoa).
15:25 Wenke Krings (Hamburg) – Functional morphology of the molluscan radula – current approaches and future perspectives.

Friday, 26.02.2021

09:30 Ritabrata Chowdhury (Varanasi) – Comparative analysis of mandible morphology: The curious case of Oecophylla smaragdina and Cataglyphis longipedem.
09:45 Zhanna Osipova (Moskow) – Morphology of the first discovered deep-sea phoronid.
10:00 Tobias Spanke (Bonn) – The prerequisites of ‚pelvic brooding‘: A specialized reproductive strategy in Sulawesi ricefishes (Beloniformes; Adrianichthyidae)
10:15 Martin Horstmann (Bochum) – Capture of inducible defences and their costs in the model organism Daphnia.

10:55 Mikaeel Pasandideh Saqalaksari (Teheran) – Using micro-computed tomography to study the skeletal anatomy of the adult Aleiodes arnoldii Tobias, 1976 (Insecta: Hymenoptera, Braconidae).
11:10 Antoni Sánchez-Márquez (Barcelona) – Functional relationships between beak shape and trophic niche in sympatric cephalopods.
11:25 Alina Schüller (Bonn) – Uncovering the morphological changes in the reproductive system of the female pelvic brooder Oryzias eversi.
11:40 Thomas Filek (Vienna) – Ilia variability of Plateosaurus specimens from Frick (Switzerland) – preliminary results.
11:55 Paul Kalke (Göttingen) – How to get to the bottom of annelid evolution?
13:15 Max Farnworth (Bristol) – Of tracts, lineages, and evolution: An atlas of the Tribolium brain.
13:30 Allan Martín Carillo-Baltodano (London) – A key developmental framework in the key annelid Owenia fusiformis.
13:45 Ludwik Gąsiorowski (Bergen) – A single origin of excretory organs.
14:00 Thies Büscher (Kiel) – The stick insect attachment system: evolutionary ecology and functional morphology.